Travel? Yes! But What About Lodging?

Everyone wants to travel, it is considered the only investment that you are guaranteed a return on. From personal experience, I can tell you that is true but everyone knows that it can be a bit of a pricey affair. From the cost of travel, to accommodation, to day to day expenses, it can be a bit of an initial worry to travel but the minute you get to your destination and see the wonders the world has to offer you, then you forget all the headaches. Though here are some tips to make the accommodation portion of your travels a little bit easier.

There are many options when it comes to lodging, the obvious first choice is hotels. There are a variety of options available and now there is a wider range available thanks to the web. Now travelers have the choice of booking locally run hotels and not simply chain names. However, with hotel chains, you get the security of actually having a room rather than a scam. If you search online there are great deals for group bookings, sometimes with up to 50% discounts if booked early enough. This makes these type of deals ideal for school group accommodation. When getting online deals always check for cancelation policies and if meals are included. Never get a room on a full board basis as if you’re on a group trip chances, are that you won’t spend time in the room. Get the bed and breakfast option, this is the best option.

Then if you’re travelling on a budget, you can also try hostels or backpacker lodges or pod hotels. All these options are for those who are willing to share their living space with other people, if you have a problem with shared bathrooms then this might not be ideal for you. Then for the budget traveler there is also the alternative of Air B&B and Couchsurfing. These are both relatively new concepts and more suitable for sole travelers. Here you pay relatively nothing and for the latter option, absolutely nothing, for the pleasure of being hosted by someone living in the place you want to visit. You’ll basically be like a guest for your stay. Only thing is this is based on invitation basis, you have to apply and wait for them to invite you. The plus side is that you get to experience the everyday life of the locals and lodging is dirt cheap.

Then for those travelling in big groups, you also have the option of rentals. Here you can rent a lodging suited for your group based on their preferences and have the privacy. This is especially suitable for school group accommodation, where you can rent an apartment with enough rooms for your group and it gives them the freedom to relax and they won’t be disturbing other guests with their antics.

Travel is wonderful, it is one of the experiences of life that must be experiences at least once, either it be to another country or to another town in your county. The opportunity to see places other than where you live is a blessing, which some people do not have, so if you have an opportunity to travel, take. You will not regret it.

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