What Features Should A Hotel Provide To Their Guests?

When you stay at a hotel for a vacation, there are many things that you expect from that experience. All guests like to receive better treatment and enjoy the stay in the best way possible. Therefore, most hotels are focused on giving the best experience to their customers by providing quality services in the best way possible. Below are some of the most important factors that need to be fulfilled by a hotel in order to create a satisfied customer with whitsunday holiday rental.


This is indeed one of the main expectations of the customer. Starting from the bathroom to the lobby, every single space in the hotel needs to maintain its cleanliness in order for customers to feel like they can once again return to the place. Especially the washrooms need to be well maintained in order to be healthy. Not only that, but also the food and the places of dining also need to have the adequate space which will ensure the cleanliness for sometimes compact spaces tend to create untidy and dirty natures.


When you receive accommodation at a hotel, you will expect the same amount or even more security than what you receive at home. Some hotels provide each room with lockers that enable you to store your valuables as a special feature which enhances their customer service. In the present day, personalized safety has been given more attention and children and women are given priority in their safety list.


With the ever changing world, internet has become a very important part of almost everyone’s life. Every guest expects a hotel to provide internet facilities as a part of their package. Therefore, they need to consider adding free WiFi facilities to their holiday rental packages for an enhanced experience for the guests at their hotel. This needs to have high levels of flexibility and easy access as well. Therefore, an internet cafe or such facilities are a must if the hotel is to compete with others in the industry.

Comfortable beds

The ultimate goal of your vacation would be to take a well deserved break from all the stress that has been clouding up your mind. Therefore, sleep is highly important. If a hotel fails in providing you with comfortable beds to sleep in they fail in almost half a percentage of their duty. This includes proper positioning of the bed, sufficient amount of pillows and also clean bed spreads and sheets which will feel good under your skin.

Therefore, look into these features and the quality of the hotel before proceeding for a booking for great barrier reef accommodation services http://www.miragewhitsundays.com.au/hotel/en/great-barrier-reef/.