Feel At Home During An Extended Stay

Travelling for long? Hotel room doesn’t quite feel like home? Missing your bed and feeling home sick? Long term travelling can be an emotional burden if your housing option makes you feel left out in cold. Let us show you some simple tips to make your staycation feel less like a high end hospital and more like home.

Skip the hotel and stay at a home

Hotels are comfortable, but if your stay is likely to be longer than few weeks, we suggest you look at an actual home. Platforms such as Airbnb and serviced apartment offers a range of housing options to rent for the duration of your stay. This may not quite look like your own home, but it definitely will make you feel at home than any hotel.

Take your own coffee

Staying away from home for long? Take your own coffee or tea or any other beverage you like to have as you wake up. These are little treats that will keep you sane when you feel home sick.

Pack your own bed linen

The hotel or the furnished apartments for rent at Sydney you will stay at will provide you with comfortable bed linen. But making your bed feels like the one back home is the best way to feel comfortable during your stay. Take the old bed sheets you are comfortable in. Some prefer to take their pillows along.

Hang a photo or two

No we don’t mean ruining the hotel wall with a hammer and nails to make you feel at home. But taking few framed photos of family and friends with you or attaching photos on the fridge using a fridge magnet can make you feel at home.

Invite guests

Through a small dinner party or host cocktails for client or work colleagues. Try out some of your family recipes and take a break from the pizza you’ve been eating for a week at a stretch.

Take a break

The best way to make you home away from home feel like home is to take a break. Make a weekend trip, go hiking or camping, get out of the town. Visit the tourist attraction you never had the time to visit. You will feel like you’re home once you get back to your hotel.

Become a local

Be a regular customer at the café down the street. Buy veggies and fruits from the same farmers market. Make few friends. Explore the neighborhood. Once you find few places you can connect with, your new house will make you feel.

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