Manufacturing Your Own Fun On Vacations

Sometimes, everything conspires against you to ruin a vacation. The room you are allocated is terrible; the food is uneatable; there is constant rain throughout the day; and on top of everything, you lose something that you treasured. It can be difficult to have fun when your plans don’t work out, so here are some tips on how you can manufacture your own fun no matter what the circumstances. 

Finding Your Fun

Depending on the kind of Hong Kong sea view hotel booking you made, you may be in either a small hotel or a big hotel. If it is a big one, you’re in luck; Mary from The Secret Garden and her cousin Colin decided to explore their huge house during a rain storm and so can you. Large places have plenty of rooms that are forgotten or little used. If you’re a paying guest, don’t worry too much about getting kicked out. Avoid the ‘staff only’ signs (because you’ll only be in their way) but look for the other things like the gym, swimming pool, library, ball room etc. Exploring is an easy way to have fun on you own even, as long as you let your inhibitions slide and simply live in the moment. 

Packing Some Fun

Now that most people make their accommodation reservation online, you know beforehand what kind of perfect rooms you will be given and how much space you will have. This means that you can plan ahead and take some small game or hobby with you in case your plans go awry and you need a distraction. A card pack is a wonderful bit of fun because you can play endless games with it as long as you rustle up a few people. For the more ambitious, take a Twister board with you and you and your partner/friends can have hours of good, clean, childish fun.

Have a Plan B and a C

Some people refuse to make a backup plan, deciding to go all in for the first one. This is fine until circumstances beyond your control decide to ruin it. Plan B becomes crucial then. If your second plan is also impossible then chuck the plans and improvise. Sometimes, the very best of experiences occur on a whim. If there is too much rain for you to go to the theme park you were planning to go to, forget that and hit the museum or rent/buy a raincoat and go exploring. After the initial adult-shock of getting a little wet wears off, you will be as excited as a child about jumping into puddles in the rain.