Adventures Of Whale Shark Diving In Australia

Adventurous whale shark tours in the fascinating and beautiful Australia is something that is always desired by all divers all over the world due to its fabulous experience. Australia is known around the world among the tourists for its awesome whale shark diving sites and locations. This is the dream of every diver to experience the waves of Australia. The coastlines in Australia are full of reefs and islands. The whole nation is covered by the beautiful waters. In Australian waters you can find everything that you can desire for an adventurous dive.

Adventures about Australia:

When you visit Australia, you can find scuba diving, whale shark diving, swim with whale sharks, dolphins and other wild life creatures of water. Adventurous swim with whale sharks exmouth is the best way to experience the underwater wonders.  Apart from Ningaloo Reef Australia has many other whale shark tour sites to explore. Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Morning ton Peninsula in Victoria are other most visited and famous sites for diving and scuba diving.

Why whale shark tours in Australia:

There are many shark seeing sites in the world where you can visit and experience whale shark diving. But let me tell you why the best whale shark season in Coral Bay can be experienced in Australia. The nicest thing about whale shark diving in Australia is that you can see a lot of diverse species of whale sharks here. There are another species of whales that can be found here. Like humpback whales are one of the most commonly specie that can be spotted here. You can also experience seeing the southern right whale. This is so unfortunate that the numbers of this specie of whales are declining. 

Another impressive thing about the swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo reefs is that some whale watching tours here may give you a chance to have a sight of the amazing blue whale. Don’t forget that he blue whale is thought to be the largest animal among all that has ever existed on this planet.


It depends when you have planned to visit Australia for whale shark diving, you will be able to find shark whales in Australia in different parts of the ocean. An experienced whale shark tour guide will let you know this information and he will make sure that you end up in the best spot possible to find and have the whale watching. On the whale shark tour, you will be taken out with the guides into the ocean to the specific areas where the shark whales are most likely to be. The perfect time for the swim with whale shark is around noon because at that time they are the most visible. Ensure to bring your camera to capture and save the memorable moment of shark whale diving forever with you.