Growing Sectors In Thailand

As the second biggest economy in South East Asia, Thailand has many growing sectors that contribute to it. This is good news for the younger generation. It means that, with some smart choices, the youth of Thailand can have jobs that will actually show growth in the future. Here are some of the sectors that show a lot of promise.

Travel and Tourism
Gone are the days when the affluent tourists flocked to the Spanish Riviera and the South of France. Plenty of adventurous tourists now explore countries like Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nepal etc. thus the Thailand tourism sector has experienced a boom. The real estate market is showing growth as property owners can look forward to renting an apartment or condo Bts to tourists who no longer want to spend all their money in hotels. Small scale business owners who can churn out souvenirs and mementos also fare well, while all other associated sectors such as tourist guide, hoteliers, tourist attractions etc. have also seen significant revenue increases.

Electronics and Automotive
The Thailand economy is mostly export based and one of their primary exports is electronic goods. Thailand services many other countries in Asia with TVs, radios, phones etc. for a much cheaper price than their competitors. There are many factories where the equipment is manufactured as well as assembled. Non-skilled workers can find plenty of employment in factories and assembly lines, while skilled or qualified individuals are highly sought after as management. The automotive industry is also looking up, with economical models of cars hitting the streets every day. This reflects not only on the manufacture of vehicles but also when they hit the streets; every day there are more and more car dealerships lining the streets.

Thailand is making the transition from a mostly agricultural economy to an industrial one, which means that land lying fallow is now falling into the hands of many a property agency because the land may be located in prime locations and fetch a lot of money for its owners. Thanks to the highly developed technology however, the people who are sticking with their agricultural businesses are seeing lots of development in their own sectors because new equipment, agro-chemicals and new strains of pest-resistant grains and cereals have made yields much more successful than they were 10 years ago. In addition to the traditional farmers who stick to their fields there is also a lot of room for modern-style horticulturalists, agro researchers, developers, food scientists and other jobs related to the plant and food industry.